Mission and History


          Praising Hands is a signing choir using American Sign Language, ASL. Our aim is to enhance worship through an alternate expression of music and hymns.  We formally contribute to worship service with presentation of a hymn or song. 


       In 2012 some members of our church thought they would like to start a signing group.  We had our first meeting the beginning of September.  After a discussion of what direction our group would take and how we would go about it, we left to meet the following week.  The decision was, as you see, to be a signing choir.  We were all to do some research on resources, music, and other such groups.

     The following week when we reconvened, we each presented what we had found.  As I, Rae, was the only one that had any back ground in signing, the other members elected me leader/director. So, I became the reluctant leader of Praising Hands.

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