Monday, August 17, 2015


     One of the precepts that we decided on in the beginning was flexibility. 

      First when and where we meet is flexible. We chose a place and time to meet and that is where and when we met until we changed.  With the addition of another person who had limited transportation, we changed our meeting time and place.  She was at church on Friday mornings so our meeting place became church and our time changed to 1 p.m.

      The size of our choir is flexible.  We started with four members, grew over time to six, than fell back to three.  We are currently five with four performing.  One person has found performing too much but still wants to be part of our choir.  So she now ques each of us from the front pew.

      Flexibility became key in that some of our members have physical limitations.  So we adapt some signs to fit the signer's limitations.

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