Thursday, September 3, 2015


       Tomorrow we start our 2015 - 2016 season.  As we more or less take the summer off, our season is from September through June.  I know you are puzzled as we just signed a song in worship Sunday, August 30th.  Praising Hands was asked to sign a song on that Sunday, but Moe and I (Rae) were the only two in town.  So officially it was not during our season.

       Our first song will be "Faithful One."  I will give you the lyrics latter.  We are scheduled to sign it in October.  

        Tomorrow, I will be handing out the lyrics, playing the music video for the choir while I sign the song, and we will discus interpretation of some of the lyrics.  We will take a look at what we have scheduled for the rest of 2015.

        A brief note about the song page of this blog.  We have uploaded and linked almost all of the songs listed.  Please take a look.

Thank you for visiting.  May God Bless.     

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