Tuesday, September 8, 2015


     Friday we had a new friend visit our practice.  She and her husband are the camp hosts at the WA state campground near our town.  After Moe and I (Rae) signed "May it be" on August 30, and the pastor announced that Praising Hands would be starting our fall practices on September 4, she decided to come and see what we were all about.  

      Our new friend is a member of a Lutheran Church in her home town and has long wanted to start a group like Praising Hands in their church.  She watched how we conduct our practices and start learning new songs.  We really enjoyed having her spend our practice time with us and invited her back.  As they, she and her husband, are only going to be here through September she will only be able to attend through this month.  

      Yet, I feel that our signing choir is making an impact, even outside of our own church.

Thank you for visiting.  Comments are always welcome.  May God Bless.  

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