Monday, September 21, 2015


     Today's post is by Sandy, Praising Hands' new friend.

A great big THANK YOU to the Praising Hands of Trinity UMC

The first Sunday my husband and I attended church we were lucky enough to have the Praising Hands preforming.  Signing songs has been an interest of mine for a couple of years now and when I read in the newsletter that they were starting practices again for the season I decided to see if they would mind if I sat in while we were in town.
Rae, Moe and Pat made me feel very welcome and I have enjoyed “trying” to learn their next song (I’m not as good as they are but they really made me feel good about how I was doing.)

I am hoping to take this information home and encourage our home church to do something like this (we are lucky enough to have people there that know signing). 

What a beautiful, visual way to worship!  Again, thank you all for letting me join in for our month here in town.


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